Brewing Recommendations Over Coffee

Sushi Restaurant Industry chat app

to help you build connections, find job/workers, using the power of recommendations.

 Our aim is to provide a platform for every individual who works in the Sushi restaurant industry.

Through, RecoBrew you can seek answers to your questions, support each other, give advice, refer to each other for jobs, or simply ask for one. 

You will get to:


Give and ask for recommendations and referral for jobs, vendors, and more


Your expertise with other members


A unique platform where you will find quick and reliable information related to the food and restaurant industry.

And a very cool feature will be released only for our beta-users. That will quickly boost your networking power!

RecoBrew is for you if:

  • You work in the restaurant and food industry (directly or indirectly) and want to get quick answers to your answers.

  • You have a hunger to learn more, you love to build connections and so you can help others.

  • You are tired of old, traditional job boards, fighting for the low race that's not worth it. You want to get out and achieve what you're worth in the food and restaurant industry.



RecoBrew will be available soon!

Our beta-user program is only available for a limited number of people. 


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Thank you for wanting to be a part of RecoBrew Family! We are so excited to brew recommendations over coffee (or your favorite beverage/snack) with you.