9 ideas a restaurant could use to avoid coronavirus surcharges backlash

Ever since the report of restaurants started to add Coronavirus surcharge on the dinners' bill, not all, but some customers are complaining.

Now event hair salons and dental offices are following the suit.

For the restaurant business owner, I know it's a tough decision: you don't want to turn away the customers by raising the price, but at the same time, your business is hurting from the lockdown and there is an additional cost to run the business.

So, what should you do?

Here are some ideas that may help you figure out the best solution for your business.

1. Increase the price and post a sign explaining the reason why

The reason some of the customers get upset is not that they are against the charges, but mostly because they were not expecting it to see that on the bill. By posting a notice and let your customers know before they order will help creating a "surprise" when they see the final bill

2. Make it optional

It will make the customers feel they have a choice.

3. Make a donation box

This also gives the customers a choice.

4. Increase the price of drinks instead of food

Customers are more conscious about the price of the food but are more forgiving when it comes to the price of drinks.

5. Place Hershey's kiss or candy with a donation box, "Help us cover the extra running cost for Coronavirus"

Requesting a donation in exchange for a small gift.

6. Ask customers for their feedback

Before adding the surcharge, ask customers what they think. They may give you a surprise answer or an idea you never thought of before.

7. Request a city to cover as part of the sales tax

It may be a long shot, but then, what do you get to lose?

8. Place a sign on each table explaining the increase in food and sanitation costs

Letting your customers know, inform and educate.

9. Send an email newsletter to customers and ask for a donation to cover the extra cost

Also a good way to keep in touch with your customers.

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