Bon Jovi and 10,000% tip

Ok, I combined two stories when I came up with the catchy title for this post.

I just combined two stories together since they both send a positive message, which all of us in the restaurant industry could use at the moment. BTW, Bon Jovi is not the one who left the tip - sorry.

#1 Does Bon Jovi have anything to do with a restaurant and Coronavirus?

Well, he does.

In case you didn't know (I didn't!), he owns a restaurant in New Jersey called Soul Kitchen (here is the article: Every Celebrity-Owned Restaurant You need to know about).

Anyway, he just appeared on Howard Stern show and talked about spending five days a week working and helping the restaurant. "Literally, I'm in the kitchen washing dishes," he said.

He released a song on youtube: "Do what you can," sending a message of Staying positive.

#2 Would you ever leave a 10,000% tip?

Well, I cannot say I ever had or I ever will. I've heard many stories of people leaving generous tips. This story, coming from a retired police officer who left $600 tip on $6.21 restaurant bill is also sending a good positive vibe.

"She wanted to inspire other people to help where they could."

So, the question for you is what does your "Doing whatever I can" look like for today?

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