Companies still accepting PPP

You probably heard about SBA running out of money for Paycheck Protection Program.

However, there are many companies who are recommending you to still apply and finish the application.

Here is the page from Quickbooks:

"At this time, the Small Business Administration has stopped accepting applications for Paycheck Protection Program loans because the processed loan volume has reached the $349 billion level currently authorized by the CARES Act.

We are actively monitoring the situation, and hope more funding will become available. We recommend that you complete your application now with QuickBooks Capital. If and when we are able, we will submit your application to the Small Business Administration.

Given the large demand for any such additional funds and our funding capacity, not every qualified Paycheck Protection Program applicant will receive a loan."

Kabbage is also another company still accepting and recommending small businesses to apply now.

It is OK to apply to multiple lenders, but you can only receive one PPP loan.

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