Never A Better Time To Update Your Profile Than Now

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Sooner or later, the business will reopen. People will be coming out of the lockdown. It may take time and the recovery may take some time, but again, eventually, the business will go back to where it was before and start rehiring.

For a while, there will be fewer jobs because, for one, some of the businesses went out of business. Some of the companies are waiting for their customers to come back.

Remember, it takes around 30 days to find a job.

The job market will be more competitive: more workers applying for one job. So, there is never a better time to update your profile or resume than now.

Here are some resources we put together.


It's easy to provide a link to your employer. It's more credible because LinkedIn is a professional network. If you haven't created one, we highly recommend you open one. Grow our network, which you can use to ask for a referral. You can also receive recommendations from your network. , available to everyone with an account, get validation from your network,

Create/Update a Resume

Why is resume important?

Because the recruiter will only spend Seven seconds on each resume, according to our HR statistics report.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, here are some resume Tips.

There is some online resume creation site you can use:

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